Publications and recent creative activities from BSL are listed below:

crypto_mindo_sm The biological narrative video work "BIOLOGICAL NARRATIVE #7: DANAUS" and bioinformatic-sonic work "CRYPTO:MINDO" will be shown at FILE HIPERSONICA 2007 at Sesi Paulista, Sao, Paulo, Brazil, August 14-17, 2007.


pdf_button The pre-print of “Biomimetics: Emulation and Propagation in Post-traditional Ecologies”, in “Second Nature: Reproduction and the Artificial in Art, Science and New Media”, Rolf Hughes & Jenny Sunden, Editors, KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden is available for download as PDF HERE .


wing The sonic biological narrative work "OPSIN" was shown as part of FILE HIPERSONICA RIO 2007 at Oi Futero Cultural Center/Museu de Arte Moderna, Rio de Janiero, Brazil, 3/19 - 4/24, 2007 and FILE HIPERSONICA 2006 at Sesi Paulista, Sao, Paulo, 7/14 - 9/3 2006.








Subtle Technologies 08: LIGHT - Toronto
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Monday, 30 June 2008 14:34

subtle technologies - LIGHT Performance and presentation of "Biological Narrative #7: Danaus" was part of this year's 11th Subtle Technologies Festival 2008: LIGHT, held in and around Innis Town Hall and U of T in Toronto from 29 May to 1 June, 2008. The festival was the 11th international gathering of artists, scientists, theorists and audience, whose mission is "dedicated to catalyzing the development of new emergent practices in new media art by investigating the artistic relationships and collaborations between artists and scientists within the realms of art, science and technology. 

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Monday, 28 May 2007 18:00
The biological narrative works "BIOLOGICAL NARRATIVE #7: DANAUS" and "CRYPTO:MINDO" will be shown at FILE HIPERSONICA 2007 at Sesi Paulista, Sao, Paulo, Brazil, August 14-17, 2007.

biological narrative #7: danaus at FILE HIPERSONICA 2007
“Biological Narrative #7: Danaus” is a digital video and biological/genetic music hybrid whose platform is built upon electronic translations derived from the locative protein complex of the migratory North American Monarch Butterfly. The work is based in the genotypic origins of this navigation in combination with the phenotypic expression that is exerted to fulfill this annual journey across the North American continent from Canada to Mexico and back. This protein-based sun compass translates the lifeform’s relationship to color wavelength, as well as terrestrial and biological time. The work builds on the sonic equivalents of these locative proteins, developing a multi-layered audio score derived from genetic sequences of the blue, ultraviolet, and long wavelength opsin proteins found in the vision system of Danaus plexipus.

This sonic work is joined with the visual characterizations of this migration consisting of video field recordings, time-lapse documentation of the organism’s migratory path, and virtual reality of the butterfly’s microscopic anatomy. The resulting work bends the sensibilities of the Danaus specie across multiple data scales to re-mediate the essential ties that all organisms have to journey, vulnerability and survival.

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"Biomimetics: Emulation and Propagation in Post-traditional Ecologies"
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Monday, 28 May 2007 18:00

Image Pre-print of “Biomimetics: Emulation and Propagation in Post-traditional Ecologies", in “Second Nature: Reproduction and the Artificial in Art, Science and New Media”, Rolf Hughes & Jenny Sunden, Editors, KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden is available for download as PDF HERE.

.:: A B S T R A C T ::.

The strategy of applied biomimetics has been heralded as design innovation inspired by nature. The inclusive process takes in phases of bioprospecting, biophilia, and emulated biosemiotics to arrive at an implementation of engineered design that ideally might carry implicit biological/environmental sensibilities. Applied elements from this strategy can be found in cybernetics, therapeutics/medicine, structural engineering, militarized intelligence and now in the propagation of new media art practices. While the idealized practice emulates a platform of honoring/sustaining the original thru the preservation of context, the extended practice in post-traditional ecologies frequently crosses the lines of biopiracy and sustains a distancing spiral of simulacra thru a re-wiring of ecological consciousness. 


This essay examines the intent and impact of applied biomimetics across a spectrum of creative and technological-mediated processes through three comparative lenses: as the scientific characterization of natural biological systems; as historically-rooted sociocultural performances/practices and as contemporary engineered-design and creative media-based expression. The objective of comparison through these three perspectives on the biomimetic approach to the appropriation and emulation of natural systems is to align the phenomena and practice within the contextual realms of traditional and post-traditional ecologies as a means of characterizing the distance between origin and derivative in this creative biocultural practice.
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.: tools for authoring the biological narrative :.
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ImageWe are currently investigating a range of tools for empowering the praxis of biological narrative authoring in the new media and digital cinematic domains. These tools range in functionality from chronoshifting, to bioacoustic pitch bending, to proteomic- and genomic-based music and sonic generation and ecological modeling adaptation for motion graphics manipulation and mixing. The collective intent of BSL in the development, propagation and sharing of these new media-based authoring tools is to foment biocultural linguistic diversity through the harnessing of bioregional observance, imagination, memory.    
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.:: biotica projects ::.
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biotica projects have been exhibited, performed, installed and implemented at new media venues across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia. Recent projects can be accessed through the following links:













biological_narrative 1_thru_5 













rss-video at:










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 OPSIN (2006)








Additional projects will be distributed from this website in the form of software art and share patches for bionarrative authoring empowerment. Development can be followed from DEVFORUM.BIOTICA.ORG

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