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crypto_mindo_sm The biological narrative video work "BIOLOGICAL NARRATIVE #7: DANAUS" and bioinformatic-sonic work "CRYPTO:MINDO" will be shown at FILE HIPERSONICA 2007 at Sesi Paulista, Sao, Paulo, Brazil, August 14-17, 2007.


pdf_button The pre-print of “Biomimetics: Emulation and Propagation in Post-traditional Ecologies”, in “Second Nature: Reproduction and the Artificial in Art, Science and New Media”, Rolf Hughes & Jenny Sunden, Editors, KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden is available for download as PDF HERE .


wing The sonic biological narrative work "OPSIN" was shown as part of FILE HIPERSONICA RIO 2007 at Oi Futero Cultural Center/Museu de Arte Moderna, Rio de Janiero, Brazil, 3/19 - 4/24, 2007 and FILE HIPERSONICA 2006 at Sesi Paulista, Sao, Paulo, 7/14 - 9/3 2006.








.:: endangered phenomenology ::.
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Saturday, 05 May 2007 18:00

danaus"An endangered phenomenon is a spectacular aspect of the life history of an animal or plant species involving a large number of individuals that is threatened with impoverishment or demise; the species per se need not be in peril, rather, the phenomenon it exhibits is at stake.The vision of the near future is darkened with increasing numbers of species reduced in range and so constrained in numbers that they can no longer exhibit these characteristic spectacles."

This year's return of Danaus plexipus to North America continues on a recovery cycle from the 2004 hard winter freeze in the Sierra of Michoacan. Last spring's visit before the return was impressionable, but the reality is that the continued decline of the Oyamel fir forest in the biosphere reserves above Angangueo will be the last stand for this endangered migration in the not too distant years. The phenomenology that is etched into the memory of North American Grade Schoolers, when they capture their first monarch caterpillar and the magic of metamorphosis is witnessed, may soon become one more mythical legend - a whisper of how a seemingly simple lifeform could make a 3500km journey, in the form of a flutter of colored paper riding the winds across an entire continent.

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.: biotica studio | laboratory :.
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Tuesday, 20 March 2007 18:00
Imagebiotica studio | laboratory is a collaboratorium for emerging forms of expression which cross propagate biological narrativity into the expanding multimedia lexicon.

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.: predator.animus :.
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Wednesday, 21 February 2007 18:00
ImageThe eloquence of the movement of natural predation needs to accentuate the Lotka-Volterra models which we wish to exploit for exploratory expression as exemplified by>> last night the snows began again in the canyon and my small cat became agitated at the windows of the high altitude observatory and studio. In looking out on the front deck I switched on the porch light in expectation of deer, fox or possibly coyote…and there it was, the evaporative movement of a puma coming up the steps to the door, with full rear musculature and the signature of the incredibly long and full counterbalancing tail. With my second take, he/she was gone…moving into the darkness across the property, and furthering on with the night stalk into the approaching storm. Animus and poesis were left in the imprints in the dust of snow where the lion had continued on its’ path of the fantasma.
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