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Written by biotica   
Wednesday, 21 February 2007 18:00
ImageThe eloquence of the movement of natural predation needs to accentuate the Lotka-Volterra models which we wish to exploit for exploratory expression as exemplified by>> last night the snows began again in the canyon and my small cat became agitated at the windows of the high altitude observatory and studio. In looking out on the front deck I switched on the porch light in expectation of deer, fox or possibly coyote…and there it was, the evaporative movement of a puma coming up the steps to the door, with full rear musculature and the signature of the incredibly long and full counterbalancing tail. With my second take, he/she was gone…moving into the darkness across the property, and furthering on with the night stalk into the approaching storm. Animus and poesis were left in the imprints in the dust of snow where the lion had continued on its’ path of the fantasma.
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